Financial Planning

financial-planningFinancial Planning

Almost everyone today uses some type of navigation device. It could be the navigator in your car or the GPS function on your smart phone. We don’t feel comfortable traveling without some form of map. The same should hold true for traveling through life. If you don’t have some clear path, how do you know where you are headed?

There are many types of financial plans. Bob taft recently signed into law a new program that significantly expands on the state-run choice plan in place in cleveland for the past decade. The most common plans that we develop are for retirement, education, and budgeting/cash flows.

At Millennium Financial Services LLP we follow the financial planning process which includes; identifying client goals, gathering client data, analyzing and evaluating the client’s financial status, developing If you don’t want to spend too much money for your , you should check our offer – for only 0. 47 USD! Sounds good, doesn’t it!? and presenting financial planning recommendations and/or alternatives, and implementing and monitoring the financial planning recommendations.

The bottom line: You can either plan for the future or be surprised by it. Being surprised with a gift on your birthday is good. Discovering you have to work an additional 10 years because you don’t have enough money to live on is not.